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The Velvet Pro Lash Extension Adhesive is suitable for lashstylists who are working on a professional level. It has a bond-time of 0,5 seconds and has a retention of 7-9 weeks! It is suitable for Classic, Volume and Hybrid Lashing.

One of our best sellers with amazing reviews from lash artist this is a recommended product to give your clients long lasting results.


he Velvet Pro offers the longest durability of all our adhesives, holding for 7-9 weeks! It is THE perfect glue for all Professional Lash Stylists. It has a bond time of 0.5 seconds and works best in temperatures between 20-27ºc. It is suitable for both the 1:1 and the volume techniques.


€ 58,99 Normale prijs
€ 41,29Verkoopprijs
  • 2-methoxyethyl 2-cyanoacrylate, dimethyl silicone polymer with silica, acrylates, ricinus communis seed oil, Cl 77499

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