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If you are passionate about lashing, already have experience and want to take your lash career to the next level? As a lash artist - entrepreneur you already have the knowledge and how beautiful is it to share this with other people. If you want to become a lash educator/trainer but you don't know where to start. We designed a training for those who want to become bigger in the lash industry. 

The online lash educator training was designed by Yazmin (CEO). The goal was to create a training that can literally change your business. We will not only teach you how to become a top academy but we will go more in dept about how to become successful within the lash industry.




  • Education

  • Topics to teach

  • Effective teaching

  • How to mentor students

  • The best way of creating a curriculum

  • Quality

  • Professional designed training manuals

  • Pricing point

  • How to run a training

  • Branding

  • Social media Growth tips

  • ​Marketing advice

  • Website and SEO tips

  • National and international expansion

  • Legal considerations

  • Mindset + motivation (most important chapter in this course

  • Level up your goals

  • Change your mindset, change the game

  • Why you only win with consistency

  • How to build a successful business



With PRE-ORDERS, you will be assured 1 of our limited spots for our online course for only €500. (Original price starts from €1499


Pre orders are available at 25th of November and the online course will launch at the 1st of January 2023. 



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