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The Paris Runway Lash Extensions Adhesive has a bond-time of 0,5 seconds and has a retention of 6-8 weeks! Our long lasting adhesive will boost your eyelashes by making them last longer in a perfect stage. Just like a model ready to rock the runway.

The adhesive is odorless and vaporless.



he Paris Runway stays soft and supple for a long time! It has an incredibly fast bonding time of 0.5 seconds. It is a must-have low-odor and low-vapor glue! It is suitable for both the 1:1 and volume techniques.


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€37.09Sale Price
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  • 2-methoxyethyl 2-cyanoacrylate, dimethyl silicone polymer with silica, acrylates, ricinus communis seed oil, Cl 77499


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