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Are you ready to level up your lashing skills? Then you should definitely add this E-book to your wish list. This is the most complete guide for Lash Artists. Our new E-book has everything you need to create the most stunning lash extensions sets.

From how to make the perfect fans, eye shapes and analysing the eyes, tips and hacks to create better sets to different styles and 44 Lash Maps designed by Lash Paris! All in one E-book that you can carry everywhere


The best part? This E-book comes with a portfolio that you can show your clients so they can choose the sets they want according to their eye shape. The Lash Maps of each set are included so you create exactly what they are asking for.


Lash layering 

Level up your lash sets and introduce you to the power of layering

Lash direction

 Four ways of directing lash placement

Perfect lash line 

all aspects of achieving perfect lash line

Eye shapes and analyse the eyes

 different eye types and shapes and how to work with them + how to style them.

Lash maps 

44 different lash maps full and extra detailed description & step by step guide

- Wispy effects

- Foxy effects

- Natural effects

- Glamorous effects 

- Poppy effects

-Dolly effects 

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