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Lash Maps all you need to know!

Lash maps are an amazing tool to create the most beautiful lash sets for your clients. Let's find out why...

With so many lash trends on the internet is difficult to know which one exactly a new client wants. Lash Maps are used as a reference for your clients but they will also guide you through what you need to do to achieve that look. They are a great way to try and explore new styles and ensure you are creating the most suitable set for your client's eye shape; it's like if you can see the results before you even start!

The best part? Our newest E-book is a must have for every lash artist. From Lash Maps with step by steps, how to make the perfect fans and the use of the right curls to a full portfolio with the latest lash trends to show your clients!!!!!! Everything in one E-book.

Clink in the pink bottom below and check it out now...

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