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How to advertise your lash business in social media

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Social media has become one of the fastest and more successful ways to advertise our services. With only one click we can reach thousands of people but here is what you need to know before you start posting your services in social media.

1- Check your branding:

You probably have heard that you only have one chance to make a good first impression... well in social media works exactly the same when people find your content or your page you get a chance to get a good first impression so make sure your branding is optimized.

-Your profile photo, your biography, your feed, your content, your captions and even your # play the biggest role because you want others to see the quality of your services and everything starts by allowing them to see that your branding fully represents you.

2- Focus in high quality content:

We get that social media is a new sea where everyone can get lost but the way to stand out is by creating high quality content that allows your followers and other people that sees your page the service and products you are offering, if your content is low quality they will assume your services or products are low quality. Focus more on creating honest and high quality content than only quantity content.

3- Have a clear strategy:

Know your audience and post valuable content for them. Show results (before and afters). Show your journey and even where you come from and all the effort that took you to be where you are. Have in mind that socials where created to connect people and your audience will only pay attention if they feel you are trying to connect with them.

Don't focus on going viral instead focus on creating a community that will follow you no matter what.

There are a lot more tips we would like to share with you. In our LASH EDUCATOR training we teach our new entrepreneurs all the marketing tools they need to create a community in the lash industry and more...

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