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Our extra long Scarlet Lashes are multi-layered, curly, whispy and create a full and voluminous look. They’re great for all eye-shapes.

The flexible edge makes it easy to apply. The lashes can be re-used up to 20 times.

Do you want to know more? Our beautiful Scarlet lashes are: Hypoallergenic, Suitable for all eye-shapes, Multi-layered, Silky soft, Reusable up to 20x, 3D effect, Faux Mink

SCARLET strip lashes

€19.99 Regular Price
€13.99Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Step 1 – Cut the strip off at the right length. Check which false eyelash is for the left or right eye. The shorter end of the false eyelash goes in the inner corner of the eye. Place the false eyelash to your eye and check if you cut it at the right length.

    Step 2 – Apply glue to the false eyelash. The glue has to be applied to the edge of the false eyelash. Let the glue dry for about 20 seconds. By allowing it to dry, the lashes will stick better to your lash line and you will have a much better overall result.

    Step 3 – Stick the false eyelash to your lash line. First stick the outer edges to make sure that its not sticking out. The false eyelashes don’t go on your actual natural lashes. Place them as close as possible to your natural lashes to give yourself a more natural look

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