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Why Make up artist prefer strip lashes?

Strip lashes are a must when it comes to professional make up. Glam look, natural look, weeding make up, events, etc. But why make up artists prefer strip lashes instead of lash extensions? The reason is easy lashes play a big roll in professional make up and most of time they can change the whole look for the occasion, the eye shape, and even ruin the make up if they do not look flawless and well placed.

A soft natural strip lash will be ideal for a natural make up that focuses more on the lips and full volume strip lashes are essential for smokey or full glam make ups. A trick that MUA's use to choose the strip lash that will perfectly fit the look is trying some of them once the make up is done; cutting the inner or outer corners to adjust the strip to your eye's shape en VOILA! you have amazing results.

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