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What to look for in a Lash Training Program

The Lash Industry industry has been growing and growing alongside with the popularity with the lash extension. Lash Artists have reached high standards and are being recognized as one of the best paid within the beauty industry.

The desires and high demands to become a Lash Artist are real but what to look for in a Lash Training program? How to recognize if 'X' lash academy is the perfect fit for you?

1- Who is your Lash Educator? How many years of experience she/he has? What are their credentials?

In order to receive a complete and premium lash training you need to choose you mentor wisely. Go to the academy's website and check their profiles. You should keep in mind that experience is an important factor and the more years of experience the better; have a look at their credentials; are they someone with recognitions? prices? etc...

Our Lash Educators have 10+ years of experience and are well known for their skills and professionalism. We have many lash awards within Europe.

2- What comes in your program and starter kit?

It is very important to have a balanced education. Look for an academy that offers theoretical and practical trainings; from the shape of the eyes, structures, cares until good retention, isolation, costumer services and more.. You want a training that teaches you step by step the whole process.

Starter kit; most of the Lash Trainings come with starter kit included check that your starter kit contains all you need to start lashing and that are high quality products.

3- Can I bring models during the trainings?

Practicing is the key when comes to lashing but you can not practice only on head dolls you also need to practice in real people with real eyes and natural eyelashes. Ask the academy if you will have the chance to bring your own model and practice your new sets on her with the guidance of your lash mentor.

4- Would you receive a professional Lash Extension Certification?

This is a must! you need to make sure the academy of your choice is accredited to give you an international Lash Extension Certification. You need this to start with the right foot.

We have everything you need and more at Lash Paris Academy but we also want to lead you in this path even if you chose for another academy. Our purpose is to create real Lash Artist with values and skills. Would you like to know more about our trainings? Send us a DM via instagram @lashparisofficial or Email us at



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