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How to become a certified Lash Educator / Lash trainer

It's not a secret that Lash Educators / Lash trainers generate a lot more income than lash artists by teaching others the art of lashing. But many of them don't know how to start... Here we share with you some tips to have a successful start:

1- Look for a mentor with experience that is willing to teach you from scratch. The good side and the not so glamorous side, the up's and down's, the right moves and over all how to teach from experience and make of your students amazing lash artists.

2- Invest in yourself and work on your mindset; the difference between offering lash services or building your own brand or academy is your mindset and your goals. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? and what to do when the right motivation is gone?

3- As in any business you need to take care of the way of advertising and branding your skills. Find the right marketing tools to reach your ideal audience and stand out in the lash industry without having to invest tons in marketing agencies.

Becoming a Lash Educator is a process that will take you to the next level in your lash business but we understand the importance of having the right guidance and that is why we created the most complete LASH EDUCATOR TRAINING to teach you all what we wish somebody taught us when we were starting.

In our new LASH EDUCATOR TRAINING you will learn:

  • Education

  • Topics to teach

  • Effective teaching

  • How to mentor students

  • The best way of creating a curriculum

  • Quality

  • Professional designed training manuals

  • Pricing point

  • How to run a training

  • Branding

  • Social media Growth tips

  • ​Marketing advice

  • Website and SEO tips

  • National and international expansion

  • Legal considerations

  • Mindset + motivation (most important chapter in this course

  • Level up your goals

  • Change your mindset, change the game

  • Why you only win with consistency

  • How to build a successful business

Are you ready to get certified as a Lash Educator and step into your new path in the lash industry?

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