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Social Media refers to any digital channel that is interactive and allows users to create, share and express information, ideas, interests, photos, videos, etc. to a network of followers. Some examples of these social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Ultimately, these digital channels are created to CONNECT, INFORM, ENTERTAIN, and SELL. In this blog we’ll briefly discuss how you can use social media to attract more clients into your social communities.


You have to connect with your audience instead of only showing your work; you do this by building friendships and genuine connections with your community of followers. You can build trust with your community by being authentic and asking for their opinions, feedback and input into products and services. Getting your community to participate in things that you create can increase the perceived value for your followers.


You should definitely show your portfolio of lash sets, showing your lashing skills and artistry. But the real value that you provide is in how unique YOU are, as an addition to your skills. Your followers, who are all potential clients, want to know about more than just your skills; your followers want you to inform them about relevant news and events in your industry and they want to know your opinion on the latest trends, services and experiences.


Keep your community updated on how your business or brand is doing, on new sales, new products / services / courses that you provide, participate in trends in your market, and create fun reels that they can relate to or maybe even participate in. These are ways to keep your content fun and engaging.


By doing the previous 3 steps, your community will naturally want to support you in your business or brand. Selling your products or services will follow naturally because your community will already feel the value that your goods will deliver. People buy experiences that make them feel good, not just simple products or objects.

Make sure to intentionally include these 4 objectives into your marketing strategy when using social media. These objectives can ensure that your content can stay fresh, unique, authentic and valuable for your community.

This is a sneak peek into what we will be discussing in our business course, so make sure to keep an eye out for that launch!

Lots of love

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