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5 Reasons to become a Lash Artist

1- You can make 5 - 6 figures within the first year. Due to the high demand in the lash industry you can easily make clients by advertising your lash services, trainings and more on the right platforms.

2- The amount of money you invest to start is low comparing to what you make the first months. You can get back your initial investment within 2 months.

3- 75% of women prefer lash extensions over mascara these days and this will improve your chances to become successful. Studies shoe that this industry is growing more than in any other beauty department in the last years.

4- You do not need to own a salon to start. If your biggest limit is "I do not have a place where to start" I am here to tell you do not allow that to be an excuse. You can start lashing at your home, rent a space per hour at a beauty salon or offer domiciliary services.

5- You do not need to pay staff; you can generate money by your own. The beauty of lashing is that you are the one on charge of your own business, you do not need extra staff until you grow to a certain point. At the beginning you can do it all by your own and that will save you and prepare you for the moment you become successful and own a beauty salon or your own academy.

I could give you many more reasons to start NOW but the final decision is on YOU. Here we teach you step by step how to start in this industry, how to achieve more and how to become an entrepreneur. Your chance is NOW! Contact our team and start with one of our trainings.



Marketing and Sales manager.

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